Liebe Freunde Griechenlands!

Unsere Reise begann vor einigen Jahren, als wir uns dazu entschieden, unser Geschäft mit Immobilien nach Griechenland auszuweiten, in ein Land mit atemberaubenden Landschaften, unglaublichen Farben und einzigartigen Orten, die man nicht nur erlebt, sondern auch gelebt haben sollte!

Im Jahr 2012 begannen wir unsere Arbeit an der Ägäis und wir haben, nachdem wir das große Potential des Marktes erkannt haben,  unser Angebot erweitert.  Nach und nach haben wir unsere Präsenz auf den Kykladen, und im Besonderen auf der Insel Paros, ausgebaut.

Wir sind ein griechisch- deutsches Immobilienberatungsunternehmen, dass über die Jahre die Attraktivität, die die einzigartige und wunderschöne Insel Paros bietet, förderte, bis Paros schließlich DAS internationale Ziel für Investitionen in Immobilien geworden ist. Ob Sie Ihre exklusive Immobilie nun kaufen oder mieten wollen- wir sind die führende Immobilienagentur der Insel, was sich auch an unserem großen Angebot an Aktivitäten und dem stetigen Wachstum unserer Transaktionen erkennen lässt.

Gleichzeitig sind wir die Immobilienagentur mit dem größten Wachstum der Kykladen. Dabei fokussieren wir uns auch darauf, unsere Arbeit auf andere Inseln auszuweiten. Im Jahr 2017 starteten wir unsere Arbeit in einer Zweigstelle auf der Insel Milos. Am wichtigsten ist jedoch: Da wir die Expertise haben, die Ansprüchen unserer Kunden schnell und effizient zu erfüllen, sind wir die Agentur, der die meisten ausländischen Kunden vertrauen, wenn sie eine Immobilie auf den Kykladen erwerben möchten.

Wir nutzen sehr effiziente Methoden, um für unsere Kunden die ideale Immobilie zu finden, die schließlich ihr Traumhaus werden könnte. Mit anderen Worten: unser Team wird alles daran setzen, das Anwesen zu finden, welches ideal auf ihre Bedürfnisse, ihre Vorstellungen und ihr Budget abgestimmt ist.

Die von uns ausgewählten Immobilien weisen alle einen hohe Standard auf, besonders im Hinblick auf die Attraktivität der individuellen Lage und die Qualität der Konstruktion. Unsere Verpflichtung, die Qualität unserer Angebote für unsere Kunden zu sichern, ist ein Grundstein unserer Arbeit und es ist das Element, das uns in den Augen unserer Kunden einzigartig macht.

Das perfekte Haus zu finden, ist nicht bloß ein Traum- es ist eine Frage der Erfahrung und Expertise!
Warum Immobilien Consulting?

Wir sind nicht bloß eine Immobilienagentur. Wir interessieren uns für jedes Detail, das nötig ist, um herauszufinden, welche Residenz am besten zu Ihrer Lebensart und Ihren Standards passt, und nehmen uns Zeit, Ihre Bedürfnisse zu verstehen. Wir agieren hauptsächlich als Partner und stehen Ihnen immer zur Verfügung, auch nach Ihrem Kauf. Die Tatsache, dass wir an dem gleichen Ort leben, an dem wir unser Unternehmen führen, unterscheidet uns von anderen. Wir werden Ihre Nachbarn sein und laden Sie ein, ein Teil unserer Geschichte zu werden.

Was unsere Kunden sagen
Sandra & Wolfgang
25 September, 2015

We decided last year to purchase a house in Paros and emailed a few real estate agencies we found on the internet with a few requirements as to what kind of property we were looking for (budget, style, room numbers...). Errikos Kohls Agency replied promptly and very professionally. We flew to Paros for the first time and we were very warmly welcomed by Errikos Kohls agency! They showed us numerous houses, all to our liking and within our budget, toured the island with us to give us a better feeling of the areas most appealing to us and gave us honest and useful tips as to the properties we viewed.

We returned to experience Paros in winter and were blessed with beautiful weather, the charming and very helpful company and more properties to view, each very special and fully to our taste and expectations. We literally fell in Love with the last property we viewed! It was slightly above budget but a must-have in our opinion. Errikos recommended a wonderful lawyer who helped us with the rest.

Paros is a wonderful island that offers a lot and we can't be any happier to have found a "jewel" here! Errikos and Gaëlle, both of you have been amazing, kind, helpful and extremely professional! You understood immediately what we were looking for, had the right feeling for our taste and habits and never wasted a minute of our carefully planned time during each visit. As foreigners, it isn't an easy task to purchase properties abroad but Errikos Kohls Agency, fluent in Greek, English, French and German catered for all our needs, far beyond the purchase of our property.

We value you both tremendously and consider you in the meantime as friends and allies. Thank you so much for everything!

Sonia & Julien
15 März, 2018

« Sérieux et sympathie sont les piliers de l’agence Errikos Kohls. Nous avons particulièrement apprécié l’assiduité du suivi, de la première visite à la signature finale, et la dimension très humaine de leur équipe. Nous ferons appel à eux pour nos projets futurs et les recommandons vivement. » 

United Kingdom
Fegus & James
15 September, 2017

"When we wrote Errikos Kohls from a vacation in Italy and enquiring about a potential full-time retirement home on Paros, little did we know of the adventure which was to evolve! It was a chance e-mail and a tentative step initially but, very quickly, a full-blown scheme began to emerge as we were introduced first to our current home in July, 2016.  At that time, it appeared more of a dream and the property itself did not seem to be a budget match for us whatsoever.

The following September, we arranged to visit Khols' premises in the Square at Naoussa, only to be reacquainted with the dream property which was still on the market, coincidentally.  We acceded to the team's request to, "at very least, view it" as they felt there was a true match between the property, the current owners and us as potential purchasers.  On that premise and attending to their claim to understand fully both sales' and purchasing clients' needs, we duly proceeded to view the premises.

Their claim was not wrong!  The property was way beyond anything we had envisaged, the upper terrace with views across Dyos and Dronisi sold itself to us (the attached photograph shows why!), the sellers and ourselves became friends over a very short period and after due negotiation undertaken discreetly by Khols, the deal  was agreed before we left the island and without viewing another property.  

That was early October 2016. After the team at Kohls had assisted both ourselves and our seller over some very challenging personal circumstances and subsequently having sold our property quickly in London, we were safely ensconced in our new home by January 2017. 

Our dream had come true thanks to Erikkos Kohls and to the entire team of professionals to whom they introduced us. In typical Greek and, particularly Parean fashion, nothing was too much trouble and the process was made very simple for us despite the unfair impression of the Greek bureaucratic system.

Now, one and a half years later, we are part of the most wonderful community around Dryos and are heavily involved in church and artistic activities all over the island.  Paros has become the home we dreamed it would be and we are truly living our dream to the maximum - and then some!  Our most grateful thanks go to all who helped us along the way."

Fergus and James

Fabienne & Ferruccio
15 Juni, 2017

After 10 years of summer vacations in the beautiful Cyclades, we would always come back to Paros, a magic place for us.

In July 2016, we decided to look for a property and first met with Errikos Kohls Immobilien Consulting.  Errikos and his multilingual team walked us through the home purchase process and quickly understood the things that were important to us for a secondary residence. They organized everything with efficiency and attention to detail and within a week we were able to select a nice Cycladic house with pool in a beautiful location and with a fantastic sunset view. Despite the complexity of the administrative and legal procedures necessary for the acquisition of the house, Errikos was able to make it happen through his extensive network (lawyers, notaries, topographers, construction companies, etc.) and negotiation skills, and also followed up for us the total renovation of the house by a local trusted company.

It has been a pleasurable experience for us to work with Errikos and his team and we highly recommend the Kohls firm for the high quality service and professionalism to anyone who is interested in buying or renting a property in Paros.

Nicola & Soad
15 Juni, 2017

Nous avons été accueillit à l’agence Errikos Kohls très chaleureusement et avons tout de suite été pris en charge afin de cerner le lieu et les objets qui pourraient correspondre à notre recherche.

Après discussions, échange de questions et visualisation des objets par rétroprojecteur, nous avons de suite sélectionné quelques objets intéressants et engagé les visites.

Le professionnalisme de toute l’équipe de l’agence nous a de suite donné confiance et en peu de temps avons conclus l’achat à notre grande satisfaction.

Nous ne pouvons que recommander cette agence au service des clients les plus divers et exigeants.

Errikos Kohls
15 Juli, 2016

Our agency had the pleasure to appear in the Forbes Magazine (GR June 2016) sharing with a large public our love for Greece, the Cyclades and more especially the Real Estate market development of Paros. 

Sophie & Jean-Paul
16 Oktober, 2017

Grâce à l'agence Errikos Kohls, nous avons trouvé la maison de nos rêves sur Paros! Merci beaucoup !!

Brussels, Belgium
Megan & Tasos
15 Mai, 2017

The idea to buy a secondary residence in Greece had been on our mind for the last 2-3 years. When we found Errikos Kohls immobilien Consulting through a web-research, our idea quickly became reality. From the beginning, we faced a very customised approach and highly professional support also for legal questions. Apart from a large offer of suitable properties, that Errikos Kohls presented us, my wife and myself were impressed how the team was continuously asking about our needs and our personal preferences all through the research process. Very nice experience to work with these people. It took us only some days to decide on the ideal property and our idea of our Greek home became reality. We highly recommend this agency.

George & Amanda
15 Mai, 2017

We were impressed with Errikos Kohls’ service right from the first contact, when we called him from the UK, to the completion of the purchase and beyond. His knowledge of the local market, honesty and negotiation skills exceeded our expectations. Unlikely that we will use his services again….as we have found our ideal holiday home, but we would unreservedly recommend him to anyone that is thinking of purchasing a home in Paros! 

Silvia & Rene
15 Mai, 2017

Pour toute transaction immobilière en Grèce, je vous recommande vivement de vous adresser à Errikos Kohls Consulting  -  ce sont des PROS dans ce domaine!!! Leurs prestations ont été de premier ordre, tant au niveau du conseil que de l'accompagnement tout au long de la procédure. Par ailleurs, toute l'équipe mérite une mention au niveau relationnel et je ne manquerai pas d'aller les retrouver lors de mon prochain séjour à Paros.

15 Mai, 2017

I’m pleased to write few words about my experience with Errikos Kohls real estate agency. I bought an apartment in Drios last year and I’ve been admirably assisted by the staff. They helped me in everything from the beginning till the end, also to empty the apartment giving to the Charity all the old furnishings, to connect me with the construction company for the renovation and helping me to go back home when a strike blocked me in Paros!

They are very professional, serious and reliable. Thank you once again ! 

Issabele & Bogdan
15 Mai, 2017

Nous sommes très heureux de notre acquisition à Paros. Juergen et Errikos y ont très largement contribué. Ils nous ont accompagné tout au long du processus d’achat. Jusqu’à la signature chez le notaire. Leur aide nous a été précieuse et rassurante. Ils ont su nous conseiller afin d’éviter tous les écueils administratifs, qui au final, ne sont guère plus complexes qu’en France. Bravo à eux !

Jo & Andrew
15 Mai, 2017

Errikos and Gaelle couldn’t have been more helpful, they went way beyond the call of duty to make our Greek house buying experience a very enjoyable one. If only house buying could be made so easy in England too. We would highly recommend them to anyone lucky enough to be looking to buy on Paros. After being guided by them through such an exciting and life changing time for us, we are lucky enough to now not only have a gorgeous house in Naoussa, but have new friends, Errikos and Gaelle, who welcome us back each time. We wish them all the greatest success in the future.


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