High demand for Travelling to Greece from most important markets

The research institute 'Mindhaus' shows that the demand for trips to Greece from important countries of origin for tourism is much stronger than other studies have shown so far. Specifically: 66% of potential customers of Greek tourism want to go on vacation this year.

A sample of 2,750 respondents in some of the major markets for Greek tourism, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Italy, examined their attitudes and intentions regarding international vacation travel. This group also considers criteria such as security, relaxation, carefree and fun this year to be even more important than last year's vacation and even more important than the criterion   "affordable price". They also rate the factor of discovery better than last year (France) and Adventure (USA) for their next international trip.

According to the same survey, travelers from France (55%), the United Kingdom (55%) and Germany (62%) from the same target group are more willing to travel internationally. The survey was conducted on May 13 and 14, 2020 and was aimed at people over the age of 18 who had planned at least one vacation trip abroad in 2020.

Publication in Greek newspaper „Kathimerini“ on 27.05.2020.


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