Foreign demand for Greek Real Estate increased by 19.3% in April 2020

Greece is at the point to leverage from the international benefits it has gained from timely and successful management of the Corona Crisis.

This conclusion is clearly confirmed regarding the demand from abroad for real estate purchase in GR, since it not only declined as expected, but, on the contrary, is also moving up sharply compared to 2019. At this point, it is worth pointing out that last year, 1.45 billion euros were spent on the purchase of real estate by foreign investors in Greece, an increase of 29.4% compared to 2018 with 1.128 billion euros, also a record-breaking amount .

Regarding the origin of the demand from abroad, Germany is the country with the highest activity mobility, followed by Great Britain, the USA, Cyprus and Australia according to the data of a real-estate search platform.

The German "pioneering role" in the mirrored question is reflecting the improvement of Greece's image, but also the fact that Germany was always one of the same "blood donors" to Greek tourism and of the Greek secondary residences market. Besides intensive advertising for the promotion of Greek Real Estate market in Germany has been realized during past two years.


Article in Greek newspaper “Kathimerini” of 10.05.2020

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