Foreign owners of secondary residences in Greece during the Corona crisis: “Greece acted more resolutely. We feel safe here."

Along with the permanent residents of Greece, many foreigners who own a house in Greece happened to be here at the time and felt like "somehow stuck ". Apparently, most of them stay on islands and feel quite happy to have stayed there rather than in their home countries. Please find some comments collected from foreigners owning secondary residences in Greece:

Couple from the UK on Crete: "Greece took more determined measures during the pandemic crisis, we feel safe here"

French-German couple on Santorini. With the outbreak of the Corona-issue, the couple decided to stay on the island. Comment: “Our children in Germany agreed that it is better that we would stay here. We found our peace of mind. "

Italian couple on Karpathos island: "We have the impression that the Greeks acted on time"

Comment from our agency:  It is true that, even from a purely statistical perspective, Greece has proved being able to perform an efficient crisis management to date.


Article found in the newspaper 'Kathimerini' on  21.04.2020

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