Handlesblatt: Number of German tourists hit new record visiting Greece!!:

Article in German Economic Newspaper on 28.07.2018


Growing Tourism is helping Greece more and more to get out of the crisis

Source of : Handelsblatt

The tourism in Greece is booming already in the sixth year in a row.   An owner of a Bed & Breakfast Hotel on the Island of Paros says: “Already now we are fully booked until end of October 2018.  Last year was a great year, but 2018 will be even better !” During the first sixt months of this year the number of arriving passengers on Greek Airports, which is 10,4 % more than 2017 previous year. Just in the month of May 2018, foreign visitors imported almost 1,5 € billion which represents a growth rate of 35 % compared to the same month 1 year ago.   Following the forecast of World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) the expected average growth rate of income from tourism is estimated at 4,6 % yearly. (more than twice the average rate within the EU). If the growth continues like forecasted, the annual revenue out of tourism in Greece will reach an amount of € 55 billion in 2027.

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